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Step 11: Burning the CD Back to Tutorial

Files to put on the CD

The Base Folder now contains everything you need to burn to your CD-rom.

Base Folder Plus

You will notice that there are 3 extra files added to your base folder. The autorun.dat file contains information about your autorun configuration. The autorun.exe file is the application that reads your configuration and does all of the fancy stuff you specified in your configuration. The autorun.inf file is what Microsoft Windows has determined is required for cd's to autorun under their operating system.

You must write every file in the Base Folder to your CD. Be sure that all of the files in the root of your Base Folder (autorun.exe, autorun.dat, autorun.inf) are copied to the root of the CD. If you do not put these files on the root of the cd (example: d:\) then the autorun will not work correctly. Everything in the Base Folder must be on the CD-ROM in the exact structure you have them on your computer.

You are now ready to burn your CD master. AutoRun Wizard does not do the actual CD burning, you must have software to do this for you. We only help you create the autorun, not burn the cd. If you are looking for a free full featured cd burner, we suggest CDBurnerXP.

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